“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” Christia D. Larson


My personal experience with tutoring has been a positive experience. My tutor, Mo, has helped me with many of the obstacles I face with physics. physics has never been my strong suit, but thanks to Mo he has given me the confidence every week to keep improving. Mo was able to see how I learn and was able to tutor me that was best fit for me. Thanks to him, I was able to use the skills he taught me to pass my class with an A!

-African American Academic Network, Student

Throughout life, we have always received some type of assistance to help us progress to the next level and grow individually. Tutoring is no different. Tutoring Facilities are available around campus to help students enhance their thought process and stimulate critical thinking though individual or collaborative study sessions. Tutors are ready to impact their knowledge and expertise in a specific course for any student enrolled in UIC so why not take advantage of these people that want to help you (students) advance to the next level?

-African American Academic Network or AAAN Tutor, Graduate Student

The Math Sciences Learning Center is one of my favorite places to come and finish homework. I always receive the help I need on any questions I have difficulties with. It's a great place for groups to come together and finish their math homework. I come to the Math Sciences Learning Center even if I do not have any questions. Lectures, I would say, are where the general topics are taught but coming to the Math Sciences Learning Center helps me have an even better understanding.

-Freshman, Math 180 Student

The Math Sciences Learning Center is not just a place to seek help in catching up on math coursework; it is also a place that offers enrichment for those seeking a deeper treatment of a particular subject. Sure, you might not have needed the center to get that A in Calc II. But who knows? Perhaps you would have found, after an engaging conversation with one of the tutors or a graduate student, that math is actually much more interesting than you had thought.

-Math Sciences Learning Center or MLS Tutor, Undergraduate Student

The Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP) tutor center has become my go to place for when my courses become more challenging or for when I simply need someone to proof read my lab reports. My tutors are very familiar with the coursework and expectations, as they have previously taken the courses themselves! Their familiarization allows them to provide me with a simpler approach to the learning objectives and they also provide guidance when it comes down to studying. I can honestly say that they have all played a key role in facilitating my learning experience.

-Academic Support and Achievement Program, Student